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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Temporary Eyesore

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The text placed on this "Work of Art" italics are my words:

Temporary Eyesore' is a project by artist Scott King, curated by Elias Redstone, The Architecture Foundation, and organised in consultation with Tate Modern, Grosvenor and Native Land.So far, so good

The graphic work bares the legend TEMPORARY EYESORE in large lettering spreading across the florescent orange roller-painted hoardings.Well spotted!! that's sure to help the visually impaired understand this - except the type is about 14pt, and the letters are 1m high. The work is intended to be blunt, truthful and funny. I've just split my sides.

On a recent visit to Munich, King was struck by how many civic buildings were hidden behind digital images printed on to vinyl sheeting. The images depicted the façade of the buildings behind them in 1:1 scale: thus creating a kind of ‘simile’ of the city. His proposal for this installation creates the opposite to that. Let me see - beutiful building covered by scaffolding covered by an image - nothing covered by nothing - am I missing something here? The hoarding celebrates its own ‘ugliness’, and suggestes how similar spaces can be activated by artists. Huh? could you say that again?? Do you mean, this will give other artist the idea that they could decorate hoardings? Brilliance!!! let's find a name for it, and let's be British .... how about Graf-footy

The hoarding on which Scott King has created ‘Temporary Eyesore’ surrounds the future location of a new Pavilion by the architect Jamie Fobert.
Opening in spring 2009, it will act as a sales suite for an exciting new residential development by Native Land and Grosvenor, provisionally called ‘Project Bankside’.


At 1:39 pm, Anonymous Pen said...

I was going to be an artist, but I failed the module on writing pretentious Bo**ocks

At 3:00 pm, Blogger Andrew said...

:-)) - my daughter, who is very much into art and design said to me (I don't think it's original, but it's true), "There's a lot of art shit talked about shit art".

That about describes it.

Shame really, it was quite a nice idea, for a hoarding around a building site.


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