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Friday, January 06, 2006

Vestry House Artefacts

A picture of some artefacts in Vestry House Museum. I hope that it is clear enough for you to read the descriptions on the large version.

Just checked, it isn't - so here is the info on the items you can see:

The large white object is a sugar cone, large lumps would be broken off with a hammer and then crushed with nippers (both out of shot), as desired. The egg-rack is made out of sycamore, so that it can be scrubbed clean. Next to it the Kieller marmalade is still made and sold today (they invented it in Dundee in 1797). The mincer thing to the right of that is a nutmeg grater. The wooden thing on the fron left is a colander. The wooden thing at the back is a butter churn and the bat-like things are butter pats, to shape butter.


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