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Monday, December 12, 2005

No passing trade

These derricks stand on the side of the Royal Victoria Docks. They are some of the last pieces of machinery left from the time the docks was the pulsing heart of London trade. Thankfully, these last few are now preserved. Here are some pictures from teh 80's when it was empty, but before they tore it all down.

I was here in 1988 when Jean Michel Jarre played his Destination Docklands concert. Funny how a frenchman had the vision to see London's Docklands. His introductory greeting in the pouring rain set the scene "It's OK.... frogs love the water!" The sides of the warehouses that were to be knocked down were his screen, Thames barges launched the awe inspiring fireworks (How did they keep them dry?)

Now they stand empty, waiting for boats that will never come.


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