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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bmycharity Announcement

Received tonight from Bmycharity:

We are emailing to tell you that sadly we will be withdrawing the Bmycharity online fundraising service over the next 3 weeks.

We've had a fantastic response to our commission-free service and have successfully recruited corporate sponsorship. A queue of charities is waiting to register and donation volumes and average values have surged. For some time we have been seeking additional resources to help us to develop our system, grow our team and engage with charities and corporate sponsors to support this growth. We are a two man team with no external investors in a market increasingly characterised by companies with scores of employees and multi-million pound backing. Our search for investment has been unsuccessful, culminating in the failure of a proposed deal in the last few days, so the time has come for us to withdraw our service. We regret the inconvenience this will cause to our users and clients.

Since 2001 we've helped 300 charities raise over £28 million. We'd like to thank the thousands of fundraisers and donors who have encouraged their friends to use Bmycharity, the hundreds of charities that have registered with us, and the many suppliers and advisors who have contributed. Without additional resources, we've done all we can to contribute to the development of the market for online fundraising in the UK, and now the time has come to seek other challenges.

To find out more or post any comments, please visit our blog at

With Best Wishes

Ben Brabyn and Matt Cooper

All donations processed by Bmycharity are safe. Donations will be passed to charities in the normal way, with the final transfers taking place in April 2010.
Donation and fundraising pages will remain live (able to take donations) until the end of 19 March 2010
Fundraising pages will be visible until 31 March 2010
Charity reporting services will be available until 31 March 2010 - please ensure all donation data is downloaded by this date since it will not be available thereafter
No further charity sites will be launched and any fees from unlaunched sites will be refunded


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