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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Perverts Passage on the Naked Bike Ride

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At 7:37 pm, Blogger geneline said...

Pervers, pas forcément, curieux! L'expérience de San Francisco avec ses "bare to breakers" pendant la grande course de Bay to breakers montre certes beaucoup de photos, mais simplement comme on photographerait.... un déguisement.

At 8:40 pm, Blogger Ham said...

geneline - J'essayerai repond en francais - prire excuse les erreurs.

Tu as raison, pas forcement, mais je connait bien ce type de personne. Prennez les photographs, c'est naturelle quand en voir un spectacle comme ca. Mais en recontre beaucoup de personnes qui s'appel "photographe" dans les clubs mais leur idees etait: prenez le photo nu, glamour, candide.

(geneline said that they are not necessarily perverts, to which I answered: that's true but there are a lot who call themselves photographers just to take pictures of girls. You see them in all the photo clubs.)

At 3:52 pm, Blogger IleDuLevant said...

I participated in the 2007 bike ride and although the event was joyous and everyone had a smile on their face on the actual route through London, the one unsavoury moment was standing naked in Hyde Park in the queue of bikes waiting to set off. The atmosphere was tainted by the open leering of the photographers, many with video cameras. It was as though many of these grown men had never seen a naked woman before - perhaps they hadn't. I speak as a naturist of many years who usually enjoys every moment of being naked and a male, who didn't have to endure being the prime focus of this hounding. I hope one day to find Britain as comfortable with naturism as France and Germany but its incidents like this that make me realise how far we have to shift as a society.


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